Saturday, July 21, 2012


How confusing it is..can a friendship turn 2b love or a love 2b friendship, or is it both moving in the same way? A relation started about 7 years ago if i'm not mistaken, met once,  lost contact 4 about some times until finally we met again this year...tho without seeing faces or eyes 2 eyes meeting..the feeling never dies (as i thought so n feel ) but however now the situation is totally different.. with title change , how can i pursue with the relation, though we r still using the same road i could not deny the fact that he has to stop somewhere along the way and i could not and should never be the obstacle to stop him. Though it's not his choice, but he might not b able 2 walk with me towards the end. And do i really save the room in my heart for him, that i could not b sure.. WHY? bcos im more afraid 2b dejected and rejected..again.. i dont want to be the thorn that will prick and hurt another soul of my own... but at the same time i could resist the feeling i have since i knew him long ago before she did.. and why only now he has the guts 2 ask me my feelings when things has change? and what abt himself..though he said love i still could not see it as 'love' as he keep saying, he loves me as a friend .....  :( and me??? do i love him????

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