Sunday, December 26, 2010

Westlife - You Don't Know (With Lyrics)

its not easy..

are u here 4 me at u care 4 me at all?
cos all i want is love, someone who can share the pain i feel..
cos all i need is time, time 4 me 2 open up and show, the person i am, the person u think u know... u don't know..

taken from westlife - you don't know
and yet indeed when people think they know abt you..actually they just know and see what's on the surface and claimed they know everything about u. When u act as u are..suddenly they said u make them confused, u r childish, and advised u to show maturity according to ur age...when u asked questions they said u should have known that rather than asking stupid questions..and in the end all those make u really bored! What is so hard in a relationship? understanding? communication? caring? honesty? when u've tried to give in a time..or all at once little by little.. for them its still not enough..they always ask for more but when the times come for u to ask..their response is simple," dont ask much, i love u ,thts important".
is it enough by just saying i love u? when love is easy 2 buy these days :(

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

nak pindah gak!

hmm...mmg geram btul la kat mak cik tu sb x luluskan tuk aku pindah...alasan pegang jwtn pnting....eleeh..bkn jwtn hakiki pun..dia mna blh sekat aku...aku dah le xde mood nk hadap muka dia...dia x pasan ker..aku dok lari2 bila dia ada..
bkn apa yg dokk lari tu tp xblh mmg nk tgk muka dia..takut ilang sabor and tkt menyampah makin banyak ..bab tu la..huhuhu
sblm dosa tambah bnyak..baik aku x tgk muka dia..kot x nti hati aku jd jahat asyik dok nak benci kat dia...
ikutkan xde la nk pindah sgt sb sronok kwn2 kt ..nak pindah gakkkk..slagi dia ada supaya mengurangkan penambahan dosa ..hahahhahaha

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

getting bored..

hmm..its been long that i haven't had time to be here..not tht time is the problem but getting bored of whats happening around and tht makes me lost interest to write anything here..dialog2 p ramlee dalam filem2nya sedikit sebanyak dapat menzahirkan apa yg di rasa..contohnya.. meminjam dialog Kassim Selamat kepada Mak Dara dlm Ibu Mertuaku scene di kubur ~ " Kenapalah Allah jadikan kao manusia, kenapa tidak saja kau di jadikan haiwan!!!!" ......"Alllllaaaahhhh! Kassiimmmmm!!!! ( haahahah..betul ke dialog tuh? Ahhhh! hentam sajalah Labu!! yg penting itulah perasaannya...
kenapa la ada org mcm tu kat dunia kecik aku skrg ni... nak melawan mulut, nti jd kurang hajar..mak aku x ajar aku jd kurang cara dia mmg menyebabkan org hilang sabar dan boleh jd kurang ajar...haii..entahlahh...manusia..manusia!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Melly Goeslow - Haramkah (Official Video Clip)

syawal datang lagi..

pejam celik pejam celik dah pun nak raya..macam2 plk yang nak di beli, nak dibayar..duit keluar mcm air hujan...kalau boleh ditadah balik org lain la yg tadah..huhuu...masa ni la mesin basuh rosak, mcm2 nak di ganti, hmm..xperlah..asal kan mak happy..tht make me happy even jenuh gak nk pikir mcmna nk settle..huuuhuhu..
xper..bila lg nk gembirakan mak..masa dia ada ni la..xperla..berkorban ..kita pun entah lama ke tak hidup kat dunia ni..x semestinya muda lambat mati...ishh..ckp pasal mati plk..mcm la dh cukup sgt amalannya..huhuhu...tapi harus ingat mati supaya sentiasa bersyukur dengan nikmat hidup yang Allah bagi.. :)supaya aku tak jadi org yang lupa diri..

Ketika Cinta Memanggil-Opick (perempuan berkalung sorban)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I just couldn't believe that its happening all over again! it seems so wonderful at first and flows on well. started to believe all the words..though was full of doubts in the beginning. felt foolish.i couldn't decide anymore, which is true and which are lies??? why on earth it has to happen that way?? is it my fault or they are really frauds ..and they are just around me until it is hard to identify which and which. they came with all different "creative" stories and then all come to the same reason.friendship or relationship is being put at stake and no longer given with honesty. all came with their own hidden agenda...
its time to move on! another "love" story is going to an end...
sometimes not being together with anyone is the best peaceful moment you can ever get!..

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Marhaban Ya..Ramadhan...

Ramadhan datang lagi..semoga tahun ini aku akan melakukan dengan lebih baik dari yang sebelum-sebelumnya. this year nampaknya kena bersederhana..bukanlah yang selalu tu pun berlebih-lebih..heheh..cuma kena lebih berjimat..dgn mcm2 problem kewangan muncul...if not i cant make my trip to Perlis!hahah..rindu nak pi sana jumpa kawan2 lama,rindu nak makan makanan yg sedap2 tuh..teringat jek dah terbayang sedapnya..heheh..aduhai posa2 ni sebut pasal makanan lakss..hahahah, rindu nak jalan2 kat pekan padang besar mcm dulu, kenyit2 mata kat abang2 kastam, imigresen n polis ( hahaha, ckp jek x pernah buat punn!! takuuttt!)
anyway, just want to trace back the memory lane..sambil2 nak shopping barang2 murah kat sana..hmm..are they still at lower prices????hahaha..and planned to hop from states to states..hahaha..kalau ada rejeki..insyaAllah...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

for the rest of my life

fell in love to this song when i heard it for the 1st time...cantikk sungguh bahasa yang dia guna dalam lirik ni.. seswai untuk suami2 tuju pada isteri2..but for me yg xde sapa2 ni camno la plk..heheh..aduyyaaiii..listening to this song over n over, terbuka lak hati to be loved..calon2nya? bila bab nk umum keputusan x pernah sampai final hahahaha..beh tu camno??? kena la menanti dengan sabar, setelah doa dan usaha... Jodoh pertemuan di tangan Tuhan, kita ni cuma mampu merancang, DIA juga yang menentukan segalanya. InsyaAllah, perancangan ALLAH kita x tahu..tapi seringkalai ia amat cantik untuk kita..cuma kita yg tidak sedar dan selalu mensia-siakannya..:)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

if tomorrow never comes

love this song so much...
if tomorrow never comes,i want to take this chances to say i love you and thank you for all the hopes given and dreams shared..(esp to my family and love ones..)

when heart fills with doubt...

when our heart fill with doubt, how can we see the truth? which is which? whether to chew it on or let it pass? being lied to most of the times put us in the stage of doubtful thoughts. but people always say try to take benefits of the doubts. Haiisshh!..susah kan.percaya ke tak? kalau pecaya takut terkena lg..kalau tak pecaya, who knows..mybe inilah peluangnya.percaya pada instinct? sometimes bila dh dikelabui kata2 indah instict pun blh lari.. percaya qadha dan qadar..itu wajib..kalau dh Allah kata bukan and tidak..maka bukan dan tidak akan jadilah..cuma kita boleh berdoa dan kalau semuanya sudah, doa sudah, usaha sudah, istiqamah sudah tapi masih belum nak jadi jg..kenalah redha atas ketentuanNYA. kerna DIA maha mengetahui.. mungkin saja perancangan yang lebih baik telah diatur untuk kita..tapi bukankah pertemuan itu adalah salah satu dari perancanganNYA.. Ya Allah..semoga KAU permudahkan bagi kami jalannya, satukanlah hati kami dalam redha dan rahmatmu, jauhkanlah kami dari godaan nafsu yang menjerumuskan kami ke arah kemaksiatan..berilah petunjuk ke atas kami. sesungguhnya YA ALLAH, KAU maha pemurah dan pengasih, maha segala-galanya. Amin Ya rabbal alamin.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

hard to understand...

is it me..or is it actually them? tried to understand but somehow it isn't easy. when a person comes to your life , they brought along their own attitude..adapting to the situation, whether we can get along..if it is..then it might continue into a relationship and if not life still has to go on..
cry? well..if you have to..just do it...but don't waste time mourning days and nights...when something you wished for doesn't happen..perhaps HE planned something better for us..just be strong and stand strong...only we can make the decision to take a step forward or back ...


tiring days, weeks and month..sacrifices made..raging heart..
but some how..dalam keterpaksaan perlu redha..
hopefully semuanya akan di berkati..dan semoga kejayaan di miliki...insyallah

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

HOW TO BE A GOOD LEADER - has she done these?

  • Remember: leadership skills and techniques can be learned. You don't have to be a natural leader. Very few people are.
  • Care for your team. That means knowing what matters to each member: their health, their partner, their children, their relatives, their interests, their hopes, their fears.
  • Stay close to your team. At some point, every day, walk around the office and say "Hi" to everyone who works for you. If you're not in the office that day, call and see how people are. This gives you a chance to enquire or encourage and gives them an opportunity to raise issues or make suggestions.
  • Meet your team. Regularly - daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your place and type of work - have meetings of all the members of the team. Keep these meetings short, focused and action-orientated. Make sure every member of the team contributes in some way and acknowledge that.
  • Train your team. Every team member should have at least two days training a year. Newer and more senior colleagues should have more. If they don't ask to go on training sessions, suggest some suitable courses.
  • Grow your team. Through varied experience and regular training, you should be developing each team member to be more and more confident and more skilled.
  • Inspire your team. Consider making available a motivational quote or story every week or month [for lots of good quotes click here].
  • Celebrate with your team. This might be a personal event, such as a member's birthday or anniversary, or a professional occasion, such as completing a project or winning oa contract.
  • Socialise with your team. Have lunch or an after-work drink with them, especially when a member has a birthday or there's another reason to celebrate.
  • Set objectives for each team member. As far as possible, these objective such be SMART - Specific Measurable Achievable Resourced Timed.
  • Review the performance of each team member. At least once a year - at least quarterly for the first year of a new team member - have a review session where you assess performance, give feed-back and agree future objectives and training.
  • Thank constantly. The words "Thank you" take seconds to say, but mean so much.
  • Praise constantly. The words "Well done" take seconds to say, but will be long remembered and appreciated.
  • Communicate constantly. Don't assume that people know what you're doing, still less what you are planning or thinking. Tell them, using all the communication tools to hand: team briefings, electronic newsletters, organisational newspapers.
  • Eliminate. Too often we do things because they've always been done. Life changes. Consider whether you could stop doing certain things altogether.
  • Delegate. You don't have to do everything. Develop your team members by training them to do more and trusting them to take over some of the things you've been doing.
  • Empower. A really effective leader sets clear objectives for his team members, but leaves detailed implementation of these objectives to the discretion and judgement of individual members of the team. As Second World War U.S. General George S. Patton put it: "Don't tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results”.
  • Facilitate. A confident leader does not try to micro-manage his team, but makes it clear that, if team members need advice or assistance, he is always there to facilitate and support.
  • Be on time. Always start meetings on time and finish them on time. Natural breaks keep people fresh. Short meetings concentrate the mind.
  • Be seen. Don't just talk the talk, but walk the walk. So visit each unit or department for which you are responsible on a regular basis. Don't do this unannounced - you are not out to undermine other leaders or catch out staff. So arrange with the unit leader or departmental head when you'll visit and ask him or her to walk round with you.
  • Make time. Managers are often very busy and this can deter people from approaching you, so make time for people and be approachable. People will appreciate you taking five minutes out of your busy schedule, especially if you act on/listen to what they say.
  • Really listen. Many of us - especially those who think they are important - don't really listen, but instead think about what they're going to say next. Give the person speaking to you your full attention and really take on board what they are saying. [For more detailed advice on listening click here]
  • Accept honest criticism. Criticism is hard to take, particularly from a relative, a friend, an acquaintance or a stranger - but it's a powerful tool of learning. Above all, assess criticism on merit, without regard to its originator.
  • Think strategically. The doers cut a path through the jungle; the managers are behind them sharpening the machetes; the leaders find time to think, climb the nearest tree, and shout "Wrong jungle!" Find time to climb the trees.
  • Have a mentor or buddy, someone doing similar work in the same or a similar organisation with whom you can regularly and frankly discuss your progress and your problems as a leader.
  • Have a role model, someone who can inspire you to be a truly great leader. If you can't find one, study Jed Bartlet as the American President in any episode of the television series "The West Wing".
  • Constantly revisit and review these tips. In his seminal work, "The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People", Stephen Covey puts it this way: "Sharpen the saw".
  • Plan your succession. You won't be there forever and you may not be in control of the timing and circumstances of your departure. So start now to mentor and train at least one colleague who could take over from you.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the magic of giving happiness..

visiting a friend at the General Hospital today who met with an accident on Sunday and her condition is quite bad. seeing me approaching or anyone who came to visit her make her cries..but we know deep down she's happy to see us..and its felt strange but contented that giving her the happiness makes me feel happy as well..the feeling seep down inside..

Saturday, July 10, 2010


too many works need 2 be done this month..and im not feeling so well...just hope i could cope with everything and settle them as scheduled. only determination moves me..if not..i guess i would have collapse..hahah..but the job comes in a package and these are parts of it...redha je la..:) whts important kena selalu ikhlaskan hati, barula blh buat keje dgn gumbira..ha..ha..ha..

Friday, July 9, 2010


first and foremost..welcome to myself..heheh..been wanting to create a blog for my own but not really putting it as a serious business until recently boredom caught finally i decided perhaps the time has come :)