Saturday, July 21, 2012

ramadhan :)

hahaha..lupa plk nk citer ..dh masuk hari ke 2 ramadhan..ramadhan datang lagi..hopefully tahun ni  lbh2 baik lagi dr yg teruknya tahun ni melepek mcm bdk kecik bru blajaq posa..sebab x boleh tahan dahaga and sb dehydration asyik buang air,,hahahah... kalau sblm2 ni sebuk dh htr baju raya sb tkut xde tailor nk amek thn ni..1 helai kain pon aku tak hantar kat mana2 tailor...hahah..bior betul??/ selalu 7 pasang msti dh hntar dh cukup tuk beraya seminggu..hahah..hmm...entahlah..tahun ni agak bengong sket.. nak pi cari baju jualan murah je nanti..kalau sempat :) apa pun semoga ramadhan kali ini yg terbaik untukku..InsyaAllah :)


How confusing it is..can a friendship turn 2b love or a love 2b friendship, or is it both moving in the same way? A relation started about 7 years ago if i'm not mistaken, met once,  lost contact 4 about some times until finally we met again this year...tho without seeing faces or eyes 2 eyes meeting..the feeling never dies (as i thought so n feel ) but however now the situation is totally different.. with title change , how can i pursue with the relation, though we r still using the same road i could not deny the fact that he has to stop somewhere along the way and i could not and should never be the obstacle to stop him. Though it's not his choice, but he might not b able 2 walk with me towards the end. And do i really save the room in my heart for him, that i could not b sure.. WHY? bcos im more afraid 2b dejected and rejected..again.. i dont want to be the thorn that will prick and hurt another soul of my own... but at the same time i could resist the feeling i have since i knew him long ago before she did.. and why only now he has the guts 2 ask me my feelings when things has change? and what abt himself..though he said love i still could not see it as 'love' as he keep saying, he loves me as a friend .....  :( and me??? do i love him????

Sunday, July 15, 2012

its not so exciting..:)

hmmm...haven't been here for months as im trying to adapt my new life in new place. well, no doubt there are  big difference in every single way of how things work, some r good, some are ok..but of course the sakit hati part always turn up hahahah... but being me and the maturity that time has built me with help me go through the situations pretty my own eyes of course..i don want to think about how others think about me..sepatah kata abg Jem ~ ADA AKU K?? hahahaha