Monday, July 25, 2011

nasi ulam :)

mmg sedap di makan n menyihatkan.. :) preparation is a bit hectic..hahaha but the outcome is superb!

baking and cooking theraphy..:)

baking and cooking...yeaahhhh!!
the 2 things i enjoy most nowadays..beside errr..sleepping of course!!! hahahah..these things have become the best theraphy in order 2 retain control of myself hahahah..sounds bad?? nah...just exagerating..(but sometimes it does!!) so start from now on ..ths blog will b full of recipes and pics of food!!..just 2 savour the eyes and well honestly share the fun of cooking and baking for those who afraid of the kitche appliances.. hahaha ..sorry guys..just teasing u all...hahaha

Sunday, July 24, 2011

back again..

its been a while..:) kind of forgot actually tht i have a teruk laa..apart from that was quite busy with after another came rolling grabbed all the free time 2 have rest..the nicest rest is alwaysss sleeeeepppppp!!!! sleeping so much.. and not forgetting the stress tht came along with the work..and to overcome tht...baking and cooking! those 2 very much!!! :)pictures will b uploaded soon :)