Tuesday, March 22, 2011

hehehe :)

haha..dont know why suddenly i like him..just bcos his character in the drama 'sassy girl-chung hyang' :)

Delightful Girl Choon hyang OST - izi - Ee mi geu daen/ My love for her

this is him :)

korean drama??

well , when people were busy talking abt korean drama and how fun and nice they are..i had never been bothered to be among the circle. it was long ago, when i was a great fan of a few japanese drama such as rin hanekoma and the 1 tht i cudnt remember the title.. however last december a friend provoked me by handing me a CD and to watch ths korean drama called 'sassy girl-chung hyang'.. i didnt watch it until last week when i was getting so bored wth work. it had been in the drawer ever since. well, wht can i say abt it?? nice, fun, interesting but what attract me most was the character of the CEO - Chairman Byun and im loving him tht instance..hahahah.. crazy i can say..but there's sumthg abt the character tht tied my heart to him..but 4 sure la can just love him from a far..hahah.. not bcos of him being rich in tht drama but how he carried himself as a man.. :)

new year..

hmm..been busy..not sure how..but busy is the easiest word to say..hahah. didnt drop anythg here since the new year came..myb bcos my emotions, moods and spirits aren't so enthusiast..all slowly crept away of my life..haaiishhh..wht's happening 2 me?
need to get all those things running back to me...need 2 heal myself! go 4 it!! :)