Tuesday, March 22, 2011

korean drama??

well , when people were busy talking abt korean drama and how fun and nice they are..i had never been bothered to be among the circle. it was long ago, when i was a great fan of a few japanese drama such as rin hanekoma and the 1 tht i cudnt remember the title.. however last december a friend provoked me by handing me a CD and to watch ths korean drama called 'sassy girl-chung hyang'.. i didnt watch it until last week when i was getting so bored wth work. it had been in the drawer ever since. well, wht can i say abt it?? nice, fun, interesting but what attract me most was the character of the CEO - Chairman Byun and im loving him tht instance..hahahah.. crazy i can say..but there's sumthg abt the character tht tied my heart to him..but 4 sure la can just love him from a far..hahah.. not bcos of him being rich in tht drama but how he carried himself as a man.. :)

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