Sunday, December 26, 2010

its not easy..

are u here 4 me at u care 4 me at all?
cos all i want is love, someone who can share the pain i feel..
cos all i need is time, time 4 me 2 open up and show, the person i am, the person u think u know... u don't know..

taken from westlife - you don't know
and yet indeed when people think they know abt you..actually they just know and see what's on the surface and claimed they know everything about u. When u act as u are..suddenly they said u make them confused, u r childish, and advised u to show maturity according to ur age...when u asked questions they said u should have known that rather than asking stupid questions..and in the end all those make u really bored! What is so hard in a relationship? understanding? communication? caring? honesty? when u've tried to give in a time..or all at once little by little.. for them its still not enough..they always ask for more but when the times come for u to ask..their response is simple," dont ask much, i love u ,thts important".
is it enough by just saying i love u? when love is easy 2 buy these days :(

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